Back To Using Words (First of Many)

Have you ever had to redo your entire website, like, all of it from scratch? If so, welcome to my beautiful dilemma. I have had this site for a few years but it never captured what I intended for it to capture.

Like many, I tried to follow so called gurus of the blogosphere, writing blogs to gain followers, gain notoriety and hopefully gain a career. Well, it didn’t work out. After a few blogs I just stopped writing and proceeded to graze with other sheep in the social media pasture. The time away had its ups and downs, mostly eye raises at the insanity of introverts posing as societal experts or intellectual gangstas, which ever you feel is hardcore enough. One of the things that did give me joy was creating video blogs. My featured vlog was called Run The Comics, which I shared my love of the comic culture through local pickups, commentary on the culture and product reviews. It was dope! So I kept my nose in the blogging world through that lane.

So where am I now? I have been creating content through my #graphicdesignchallenge, music production in GarageBand, and even writing. Not only that but I’ve been helping my wife with her blog Finding Abundant Joy, encouraging/supporting my daughter Janaé with her video production and illustrations, as well as preparing for some other Art projects for next year. It’s best to say, my mind has been busy trying to get all these ideas together and prayerfully BE CONSISTENT IN BEING CREATIVE. My goal is support us through all our creative endeavors. The year has been a roller coaster ride, full of ups and downs, but God has blessed us and kept us. We are grateful.

So stay tuned to upcoming blogs on the Arts, creative endeavors and loads of fun mixed with equal parts faith, possibly more faith than fun cause life gets real and we need the LORD! Thanks for viewing and make sure to connect via social media to additional content. So remember, we were created by the Creator to create, so BE creative. Grace and peace.

Artist, husband, father of 5 and unashamed Christian. Using my voice to communicate the virtues of the Arts and advocating for its pronouncement worldwide. I create because God created.

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