i be

i be an artist with the responsibility of communicating through the Arts my look on life.

i be a cultural critic, looking at and evaluating what’s dope at the time through a lens dipped in truth and learning.

i be an advocate for the Arts and their impact on the surrounding communities and people within.

i be an educator and student, growing in the lessons taught and the lessons yet to teach.

i be…

Joseph Banks also known as joseph3banks, the curator and facilitator of this site. What’s up? Hope the poeticism didn’t run you away. As an artist I gotta make use of the space I and time I have. So what is the purpose of this site? This website has multiple functions but most importantly it is my thoughts and contribution to the Arts, specifically in but not limited to South Atlanta. As a visual artist for over 30 years I have seen many contributors to this vast community come and go, explode in popularity and disappear, give and take, evolve and retreat. The advent of computer aided design and the internet have brought new ideas and challenges to the Arts. Yet, through the years artists have risen to discuss with their gifts what they thought of the moving trends.

This website is my contribution to the ever changing landscape of the Arts. I hope to become a meaningful voice in the chorus of creatives, adding my own take to the current trends and stoic collections of yeasteryear.

My social media connections abound, so make sure to check them out and if you feel the need to donate to my site there are a means to that too. I’m grateful for your time and I hope to be a righteous influencer in the topics and discussions I invoke. Grace & peace.